Dean of Graduate School,
Chung-Ang University Professor of Education
Welcome to Chung-Ang University Graduate School. The graduate school of Chung-Ang University aims to achieve self-fulfillment based on the ideology of "Justice and Truth", to pursue the academic theory and knowledge necessary for the prosperity of the nation and the human society, and to educate creative and practical leaders who can contribute to the community. CAU Graduate School was established in February, 1953, and as of August 2017, 27,144 people (5,649 doctoral students, 21,495 masters) has been produced as a core human resource to lead academic, economic, and political development.

CAU Graduate School is a cradle for training next academic generations currently operating graduate studies at 68 departments and at 16 interdisciplinary graduate programs in 5 academic disciplines. The stage of Chung-Ang University graduate school is the world, as the words say "Start in the region, success in the world". CAU Graduate School is seeking to consolidate education, to enhance graduate research capacity, and to internalize our graduate school. Ultimately, CAU graduate school is growing to a global research-oriented with 3T from research-oriented graduate school: Technology, Tolerance of academic community, and Talent.

Chung-Ang University graduate school celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018 and we are ready to refine and realize your long-cherished dreams. The graduate school is called the "crown" of the university. Anyone who long for a crown, regardless of individual and organization, please come to the graduate school of Chung-Ang University. In the global era, CAU Graduate School will definitely support you with excellent faculty and the best educational environment so that you can be a leader in the world stage as a specialist and scholar in each field.

Thank you.

Dean of Graduate School, Chung-Ang University01

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