Course Registration
1. Course Registration Period
Division Date
Course Registration Period
for all students except freshmen
Every February and August
Course Registration Period for freshmen
(Students can change their course during this time)
The first week of every semester
Graduate students do not have a period just for cancellation, so all registration must be completed within the course registration period above.
2. Qualification to Register
  • A. Students who are going to register coming semester
  • B. Students returning from leave of absence or re-admitting
  • C. Freshmen
3. Place to Register
  • Any internet-accessible computers (WEB)
4. Register Procedure and Other Notification
  • A. Register Procedure
    • (1) After reading the directions carefully, go to homepage of CAU( and click on the total information system “종합정보시스템” or access the system directly( Search the courses of the certain departments and choose the courses you will study.
    • (2)After inputting the course you will study to the total information system(Web), check whether there are any errors.
  • B. Other Notification in Registration
    • (1) Registration has to be done by oneself followed by the instruction of the head professor of the Department.
    • (2) The credits of the courses repeatedly taken will not be calculated in GPA.
    • (3) Credits allowed per semester : Maximum credits allowed are 9 credits per semester(Studies in major field excluded). However, for those whose GPA score of the past semester was higher than 4.30, it is possible to register up to 12 credits by summing up once and Studies in major field Ⅱ and Ⅲ are not allowed to take simultaneously.
    • (4)The maximum credits of taking courses of other departments are 9 credits for Master's degree program and 12 credits for doctor's degree program.
5. Prerequisite Course
  • A. Those who've been admitted to master's or doctor's degree program of different major or department compared to that of the former program, or those who've been admitted after acquisition of degrees from foreign universities, professional graduate schools, or specialized graduate schools should complete 15 credits (master's program) or 9 credits (doctor's program), or obtain the recognition of substitution(Form - refer to the Website). However, in case of majors of the same kind, minors, double majors, the completion can be exempted.
  • B. If the prerequisite courses are the same in both Master’s and Doctoral program, it can not be accredited or duplicated as major or prerequisite course.
6. How to Register
  • A. Click the total information system in the website (
  • B. Log-in to the CAU Portal website(
    ▶ How to Log-in CAU Portal Website
    Personal number(ID): Student number Password(PW): the last seven digits of foreign registration number
    ▶ Go to registration menu and register
    ① Go to the left menu -> ‘Class’-> ‘Registration/ Schedule’
    ② After referring the notice, click the ‘Registration’ below
    (Check the pop-up setting on your computer if the enrollment screen does not show up.)
    ③ Select "View Basic Class(학과 기본수업 조회)" or "View by Each Department(학과별 조회)" to check the opened courses and apply for enrollment
    ※ If you can not see the basic classes in your department, you can check the Campus: Seoul, University: graduate school, and choose your major after you select “View by Each Department(학과별 조회)”
  • C. How to Register Major Courses
    After being fully aware of the courses the department opened, students may register for a maximum of 9 credits.
  • D. How to register studies in major field (Department of Medicine, Pharmacy, Music and Korean Music excluded)
    (1) Students in master's or doctor's program may apply for studies in major field of thesis advisor from the 3rd semester.
    (2) Students who are in master's program should complete studies in major field of 2 credits during the period of attendance, and those in doctor's program 4 credits.
    (3) If the allocated thesis advisor can not give a lecture of studies in major field due to any change of the situation, a professor designated by the thesis advisor can do so under the approval of the dean of the Graduate School.
    (4) Registering Studies in Major Field
    ▶ Master’s Degree Program : Register Studies in major field I during 3rd or 4th semester
    ▶ Doctoral Degree Program : Register Studies in major field II during 3rd semester and Studies in major field III during 4th Semester.
    (Studies in major field III must be registered after completion of Studies in major field II. It is not allowed to register the two courses simultaneously.)
    ※ Click on the "전공연구“ and check the classification code if "전연” mark is shown.
    ※ Students who didn't apply for allocation of a thesis advisor are not allowed to register studies in major field.
  • E. How to Register Prerequisite Courses
    (1) Students can apply for the subjects only in the prerequisite courses categorized as Master’s and Doctoral program in the Graduate School catalogue.
    (2) Prerequisites opened by other department are not allowed to register.
    (3) Maximum credits can not exceed 15 credits including studies in major field Ⅱ and prerequisites(from accepted students from September, 98’).
    ☞ Students in Master's program should...
    - Choose the courses on the undergraduate bulletin and click as prerequisites on the classification code column.
    - Apply for the courses of which names on the graduate school catalogue and those on the undergraduate bulletin are the same.
    ☞ Students in Doctoral program should...
    - Choose the courses opened by departments of the graduate school and click as prerequisites on the classification code column.
    - Make an application by choosing either major requisite courses or prerequisite courses, and avoid overlapping.
    - Apply for the courses of which name on the graduate school catalogue and that opened by departments are the same.

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