1. Application Period & Qualification
Division Details Remarks
Scale of Academic Conference 1. CAU Graduate School students(or research students) who gave oral or poster presentation at international academic conferences.
2. Students who have been recommended by the faculty. ※ More details: Refer to the internal regulations and announcements below.
Scale of Academic Conference International conferences that meet all of the conditions are eligible.
① More than 4 participating countries
② More than 10 papers
③ More than 50 % of foreign papers
International conferences held in Korea is not eligible
Period Once every semester (Spring semester : July / Fall semester: January)
2. Supportive expense : Depend on the region
Region Amount Remarks
Asia Under 400,000won You will not be able to apply for the grants
if you receive some or all the expense from other institutions
when you attend the conference
North/ Central America and Australia Under 1,000,000won
Europe, Africa, and South America Under 1,200,000won
3. Criteria :
  • Select according to the priority selection criteria, considering the budget allocated for Graduate School(Winners, BK21 + Business Participation, etc.)
4. Required Documents
  • Application form for international conference registration (attached document below)