1. International student Scholarships of Graduate School :
  • The scholarship will be awarded within the budget range of the school.
    Semester Liberal Arts/ Social Science/ Arts/ Physical Education Natural Science/ Medicine/ Pharmacy
    1st ‣Admitted international students who achieved Level 6 proficiency on the TOPIK or who score above a 91 on ibt TOEFL exam or who score above a 780 on the TOEIC test or above overall 6.5 on the IELTS test : Full tuition waiver
    ‣ Admitted international students who achieved Level 5 proficiency on the TOPIK : 70% tuition waiver
    ‣ Admitted International students who get 80 point or higher out of 100 for CAU admission evaluations : 50% tuition waiver
    ‣ Admitted International students who get 80 point or higher out of 100 for CAU admission evaluations
    : Full tuition waiver.
    2nd ‣ Applying 3rd~4th criteria ‣ Full tuition waiver (except below GPA of 3.3)
    3rd~4th  ‣ GPA of 4.3 or higher during the previous semester: 50% tuition waiver
    From GPA of 3.3 above to GPA of 4.3 below during the previous semester: 30% tuition waiver
    ‣ To continue receiving scholarships, the recipient(s) must complete at least 6 credits a semester.
2. CAYSS(Chung-Ang University Asian Young Scientist Scholarship)
  • A. Admissions Requirement: International students majoring in natural Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Medicine, who obtained the consent and recommendation from one of the Chung-Ang University full time faculty members. Other conditions are the same with the admission guide of other international students.
  • B. Four terms tuition fee waivers (including enrollment fee) and additional stipend from their professors (minimum 500,000KRW per month).
  • C.
    1) Conditions of Benefit: Students have to maintain GPAs 3.5 or above. Minimum of four semesters for Master's or Doctoral courses; eight semesters for Master and Ph.D. joint program.
    2) Students must get the approval signature of their academic advisor, every single semester, to receive tuition fee waiver scholarship and monthly stipend in their following semester.
  • D. Requirements for Graduation
    1) Master: An article must be submitted to JCR by him/herself or collaboration with the student's academic advisor before the graduation, and must be published within 1year of graduation(including confirmation of publication).
    2) Doctor and Masters & Ph.D joint program: An article must be published to JCR by him/herself as a first or a corresponding author(including confirmation of publication). This must be a separate article from a presentation of a thesis for graduation.
Research Achievement Awards
  • A. Qualification: Students who register or research students.
  • B. Support Amount : 500,000won ~ 1,500,000won
  • C. Qualification of Research Results
    1) Theses published in international journals including JCR(SCI, SSCI, A&HCI, SCI-E) and SCOPUS
    2) Theses published in domestic journals including Korea Research Foundation(한국 연구재단)
    Sortation Grade1 Grade2
    Liberal Arts and Social Science Art and Education Journal International journals such as SSCI, A&I, etc. SCOPUS Korea Research Foundation
    Support amount  Top 20 % 1,500,000won 500,000won
    Top 50 % 1,200,000won
    Less than 50 % 1,000,000won
    Natural Science Medicine Journal Journal belisted at JCR within top 50 % Journal belisted at JCR over top 50 %
    Support amount  Top 20 % 1,200,000won  500,000won 
    Top 50 %  900,000won