1. Procedure of Thesis Examination
Division Contents
Thesis committee Master’s degree 3 people Thesis advisor cannot be the chief examiner.
Doctoral degree 5 people
Qualifications of the examiners Full-time faculty members or assistant professor with doctoral degree/ An experienced researcher with doctoral degree ※In accordance with Article 99, Article 108, and Article 127 of the Graduate School Implementation by laws
The number of examinations Master’s degree A minimum of one thesis examination
Doctoral degree A minimum of two thesis examination
2. Documents for Thesis Examination
Division Documents Remarks
Master’s degree -Comprehensive assessment result report thesis for the Master’s degree (1copy)
-Copykillercampus report(1copy, view Summary)
※The chief examiner is responsible to write the examining reports and result reports on examining regardless of the degree.
※The number of examining reports should be the same as the number of examinations.
Doctoral degree -Comprehensive assessment result report thesis for the Doctoral degree(1copy)
-Thesis examining report(at least 2 copies)
-5 ballot papers
-Copykillercampus report(1copy, view Summary)
Delayed cases -Submit the postponement of thesis examination ※Students who submitted the thesis submitting acknowledgement are eligible.
3. How to Write a Thesis
4. Plagiarism Check System(COPYKILLER CAMPUS)

- COPYKILLER CAMPUS to prevent research misconduct

A. Purpose of the program
  • - Establish research ethics
  • - Prevention of plagiarism
  • - Self check of research and thesis plagiarism
B. Application scope and targets
-Master’s/ Doctoral thesis
-Lecturers/ students’ research papers
-Essays or assignments
All the faculty members/ Graduate students -Plagiarism test result confirmation(summary) is required when submitting thesis.
-If the standard plagiarism rate is over 20%,
submit a written opinion according to the regulations.
C. How to use(Attached file + Department regulations)
  • - The COPYKILLER CAMPUS web site of Chung-Ang University Graduate School ( Sign up as a member of the school account(* and log in. Upload document Click the plagiarism check button Result Print out result report(view summary)
5. How to Submit a Bound Thesis
Before binding the thesis -Check student’s department, major and advisor’s name same as the CAU portal system.
-Check whether it followed the procedures indicated
※Confirm the uploading before binding →
print the confirmation note →
Bind the thesis
(Thesis and uploading files must be the same)
Attention point View Instructions (Click)
Uploading -Go to the library uploading web site
The number of copy of the thesis -Master’s: 4 copies(including a copy with examiner’s signature)
-Doctoral: 4 copies(including a copy with examiner’s signature)
※One of the 4 copies is the original copy with signatures from examiners
Things to check when submitting - Submit with the thesis uploading confirmation note
- Students who apply to keep their thesis private must submit a written statement explaining the reasons why privacy is required to the Media room,
4th floor of Academic Information Center(학술정보원 4층 미디어실)

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